Audio/Video Production Internship Blog (Week 1: 06/02–06/04)

I am working as a production intern at AdMed Inc. this summer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is an opportunity that I first heard about after meeting the AdMed hiring representative at Juniata College’s career fair. After this meeting, I followed up via email and landed a full-length interview. A few days after that interview, along with answering a few follow-up questions, I was offered an internship in audio and video production, working under the director of production.

AdMed Inc is a pharmaceutical advertising company with the mission of delivering innovating learning in pharmaceuticals and healthcare. More information on the company and their mission can be found here.

This internship is a great opportunity to advance my career as the experience I am getting in the workplace will build onto the experience I have gained in the classroom at Juniata. However, the completion of this internship would not have been possible without the help from the Super Internship Scholarship Fund, which I was granted at the end of the Spring 2021 semester.

After receiving an extremely generous $2,500, this scholarship is helping fund my housing in Philadelphia, so that I can commute to the center city office during the workweek.

For my first week in the office, I was mainly given a feel for the office, meeting all my new coworkers, and getting trained on the software that the company uses. This is software for video and audio editing, such as Audition and Premiere. I completed an in-depth Audition exercise, where I was trained on the process of editing the audio that goes into the videos that AdMed creates.

This first week of training and introduction got me excited to start working on billable projects. I am looking forward to seeing my skills grow through my work and experience this summer.

Film and Media Production student at Juniata College