This week at my internship at AdMed, i solely focused on audio editing. I had the opportunity to work on many billable projects that involved cutting and cleaning audio, as well as completing revisions to projects that were in the review stages.

Audio editing has been the main skill that I have been honing during this internship. While I’m getting experience in many different areas of the field, including production on shoots, pre-production for animation, and editing in Premiere, I have spent the most time and effort at this internship in audio editing. …

This week at AdMed I got a more in-depth training on how to break out files for animators. This is a task I had been lightly trained on a few weeks ago. However, since one of the members of our team was out of office on vacation this week, I was assigned multiple tasks that involved breaking out files for an important billable project. Before I completed these assignments, I had a meeting with one of the members of the graphic design team, who walked me through the specific way that the animators like this task to be completed, including…

I was happy to get back into the office this week after being sick last week with strep throat.

I started the first day of the week with excitement, as I assisted on a video shoot. I helped set up the studio before the shoot, and put things away afterwards. During the shoot, I worked on slate, marking each take. I also assisted on scripting, reading along and making sure each line was said correctly.

During my lunch break on Tuesday, I was happy to get the chance to grab coffee with a few of the other interns for the…

This week I got sick with strep throat, so I was unfortunately only in the office for 2 days of the week, however these days were full with interesting work.

On Monday, I started off my day by attending a meeting with the Audio/Video production team. Later on Monday, I worked with the Graphic design department to make visual updates to a storyboard. This was an old client video that has had changes requested. I went through the old Illustrator files and made certain changes where requested, such as updating Information, including icons, or even creating completely new designs from…

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This week at my internship I worked on editing audio, completing audio revisions, breaking out files, and attending meetings. Editing audio takes hours at a time, so when there was a rush job this week, I split the work with the other intern Patrick. Instead of the usual voiceover audio editing, the audio editing this week was dialogue, that is set over pictures.

I also worked in Premiere this week for the first time. I edited a portion of the video that the dialogue audio was set over. This involved key-framing the images to slowly pan or zoom-in while the…

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This week at my internship I worked on tasks such as audio editing, finding sound effects for a presentation, breaking out files for motion graphics, and completing revisions on past audio edits. This was my first experience with the revisions process, which is where there are comments on the storyboard from the creative team on what needs to be changed in terms of audio, video, and animation. There are many rounds of revisions, usually 2 to 3. I have only been doing audio revisions, as I have only been working on the audio for videos so far.

Outside of my…

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For my internship this week, the workload was a bit slower than the previous weeks.

We recorded a few virtual interviews. These interviews were over zoom and will eventually be turned into a podcast. I sat in on these interviews while watching the audio levels. I also worked on editing audio this week in Audition for a few billable projects. I also worked on creating a new call-sheet that can be used for upcoming shoots.

Outside of work this week, I had family visit me in the city. We went out to dinner, where I was able to try a taco place nearby, called Rosy’s Taco Bar and we explored the city a bit more.

In the office this week, I worked on editing audio in Audition through the same cut and clean process I shared last week. I also met with a teammate Jackie to discuss my work on the Breaking Out Files training. After this meeting, I was cleared to starting breaking out files for billable projects.

On Thursday of this week, we had a shoot on site in New Hope, Pennsylvania. At this shoot, actors read off of a script for some dialogue scenes for a client video. We also shot b-roll scenes that will be under voiceover that is recorded in…

Source: AdMed

During my second week at my internship, things started to pick-up in terms of work being assigned to me. Tasks I worked on included creating an inventory chart of the recording studio by recording and estimating the worth of all of the equipment and noting time-codes in from a video where dialogue started while referencing the script.

Importantly, I completed a training on how to break out files in Adobe Illustrator for motion graphics to use. This process was a completely new concept to me, as I do not know much about motion graphics or animation. …

I am working as a production intern at AdMed Inc. this summer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is an opportunity that I first heard about after meeting the AdMed hiring representative at Juniata College’s career fair. After this meeting, I followed up via email and landed a full-length interview. A few days after that interview, along with answering a few follow-up questions, I was offered an internship in audio and video production, working under the director of production.

AdMed Inc is a pharmaceutical advertising company with the mission of delivering innovating learning in pharmaceuticals and healthcare. …

Anna Sule

Film and Media Production student at Juniata College

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